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Eat chocolate, plant trees, fight plastic.

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Our classic with a sweet and salty twist.

+ nucao Almond Sea Salt

nucao white.

100% vegan, 100% creamy.

0% compromise.

+ nucao Crunchy Nougat

+ nucao Raspberry Crisp



It's like milk chocolate, 

but better for the planet.

+ nucao Creamy Noisette

+ nucao Crips and Crunch 

One bar =
One tree.

We plant one mangrove in Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya or any other Eden Reforestation location for every product sold.  #letsgrowtogether


Mangroves are real CO2 killers and bind up to 300kg CO2 over a 25 year lifetime!


Our partner Eden Reforestation Projects employs locals to plant and protect our trees, creating a new livelihood in the community.

Our current figure: more than 10,000,000!

Our goal: one billion trees by 2030.

Chocolate for a nu world.

nucao frees you from having to make any sort of compromise. Introducing the first chocolate bar you can enjoy with a clear conscience.

65% less sugar.

We only sweeten with a pinch of coconut blossom sugar.

Naturally nutritious

Plant-powered by hemp seeds, nuts and acerola!

100% vegan.

No milk powder, yet unbelievably creamy!

And completely organic and fairly traded.

Less sugar.

We sweeten with just a pinch of coconut blossom sugar.

Naturally nutritious.

Plant-powered by nuts, seeds and acerola!

Completely organic
and fair trade.

100% vegan.

No milk powder, and still unbelievably creamy!

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