naturally strong.

nupro is the first protein shake that relies completely on nature. No sweeteners. No whey. Just plants.

more than protein.

nupro goes above and beyond. It supplies you with fibre, minerals and vitamin C in addition to the power of plants.

"Geschmacklich überzeugt der vegane nupro Shake auf ganzer Linie. Er gibt nicht nur den Muckis Power, sondern macht auch länger satt."

"The taste of the vegan nupro shake is convincing all along the line. It not only gives the Muckis power, but also lasts longer."

"nupro convinces with 100% organic quality and a completely plastic-free packaging."

"Muscle building through sustainable protein shakes. What more could you ask for?"

perfect for _________

after sports

After exercise, proteins are essential for building and maintaining muscle.

your breakfast

Upgrade your breakfast with an extra serving of protein. Perfect in porridge or a smoothie.

between meals

nupro is quick and easy to mix, tastes delicious and lasts for a long time.

the nutrition facts.

Get fit.

Your body needs the right fuel. Our plant protein helps maintain and build muscle mass and contains all the essential amino acids your body needs.

Feel good.

You need more than protein to feel good. nupro provides you with fibre and vitamin C, which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and reduces oxidative stress.

Charge up.

Regenerate quickly with minerals such as magnesium (contributes to normal muscle function) and iron (helps reduce fatigue).

Enjoy it.

We love unadulterated, natural taste. That's why you will not find any sweeteners or flavourings in nupro.

we don't stop
when you're full.

Our Mission

We believe consumption can also help improve the world.We would like to provide you with the best possible nutrition that enables you to lead a healthy life and be the best version of yourself.

Plastic free

Packaging drastically impacts our oceans in todays world. We fight for a plastic-free world, and solely use cardboard and plant-based home compostable materials.

1 Product = 1 Tree

We enable our consumers to create a greener, healthier world with a single beep at the cash register. How? We plant a tree with every product we sell. Each mangrove tree binds about 300kg of CO 2 from the atmosphere.