white choc

The first white, vegan choc with 65% less sugar. Better yet, it's loaded with nutrients from hemp seeds & tiger nuts.


Do you know what white chocolate normally consists of? High amounts of sugar, cocoa butter and milk powder. We are reinventing the creamy enjoyment of white chocolate, while leaving behind post snacking regrets and junky ingredients.

Coconut blossom nectar in place of refined sugar

Tigernut instead of milk powder

Veggie power from hemp seeds & Co.

7 natural organic ingredients - that's it!

"nupro convinces with 100% organic quality and a completely plastic-free packaging."

"These bars satisfy the hunger for sweetness (real!) without burdening the blood sugar."

"nucao sets a clear signal for sustainable management."

for when you _____

want to enjoy

Delicate melt-in-your-mouth cocoa butter, combined with fruity coconut blossom nectar and crunchy hemp seeds.

are on the run

If you’re hungry, hemp seeds will satisfy by providing an energy release with additional fibre and proteins.

need energy

Get an afternoon energy boost. Nucao contains magnesium and iron to maximize your concentration.

the nutrition facts.

less sugar.

nucao is sweetened with a pinch of coconut blossom nectar. It tastes wonderfully fruity, with the added benefit that it’s vastly less processed than refined sugar.

more good stuff.

Have you tried hemp seeds? It's time to give it a go. Unlike many other nutritious superfoods, they grow around the globe and add a mild nutty note.

100% natural.

We get a headache from endless ingredient lists no one understands. We rely on 7 organic plant-based ingredients. They can do more than anything from the lab anyway.

fair cocoa.

We source our "Tingo Maria" cocoa from farmer cooperatives in Peru. All our other ingredients are from trusted organic wholesalers.

*why the tigernut messed with our name.
We wanted to create a white chocolate that's good for you, but here's the problem: According to food law, you can call a mixture of milk powder, sugar and cocoa butter "chocolate".  For this reason, our vegetable variant with nutritious tigernut in place of milk powder cannot be referred to as "chocolate". No worries though, tigernut tastes better, and it's better for the environment! Our product developer Gloria thinks you will love it.

we don't stop
when you're full.

Our Mission

We believe consumption can also help improve the world.We would like to provide you with the best possible nutrition that enables you to lead a healthy life and be the best version of yourself.


Packaging drastically impacts our oceans in todays world. We fight for a plastic-free world, and solely use cardboard and plant-based home compostable materials.

1 Product = 1 Tree

We enable our consumers to create a greener, healthier world with a single beep at the cash register. How? We plant a tree with every product we sell. Each mangrove tree binds about 300kg of CO 2 from the atmosphere.