Chocolate with a conscience.

Less sugar.

Vegan & organic.


One bar = one tree.

nucao mixboxes.




Good for you.

And the planet.

nucao frees you from having to make any sort of compromise. Introducing the first chocolate bar you can enjoy with a clear conscience.

Less sugar.

We sweeten with just a pinch of coconut blossom sugar.

Naturally nutritious.

Plant-powered by nuts, seeds and acerola!

100% vegan.

No milk powder, and still unbelievably creamy!

Completely organic
and fair trade.

65% less sugar.

We only sweeten with a pinch of coconut blossom sugar.

Naturally nutritious

Plant-powered by hemp seeds, nuts and acerola!

100% vegan.

No milk powder, yet unbelievably creamy!

And completely organic and fairly traded.

Hear what the nucao snackers have to say!

Some things get better over time...

  • 15% sugar
  • With Coconut Blossom Sugar
  • Nutrients-rich
  • Organic & vegan
  • fairly traded
  • plastic-free packaging
  • climate-positve

  • >50% sugar
  • With industrial sugar
  • Empty calories
  • artificial additives
  • unclear supply chain
  • packed in plastic
  • climate-negative

  • 15% sugar
  • With Coconut sugar
  • Nutrient-rich
  • Organic & vegan
  • Fairly traded
  • Plastic-free
  • Climate-positve

  • >50% sugar
  • With industrial sugar
  • Empty calories
  • Artificial additives
  • Shady supply-chain
  • Packed in plastic
  • Climate-negative


Do your products contain palm oil, soy or lactose? Are they gluten-free?

All our products are free from palm oil, soy, gluten and lactose. However, the production facility where our bars are made manufacturers other products besides ours. For this reason, we can't be 100% sure whether the other recipes contain soy, and that the machines are 100% soy-free. However, the cleaning is done very thoroughly and consistently, so only the smallest amounts could be detected each time during regular analyses. 

I have a nut allergy, can I still eat nucao?

Nucao is always based on nuts and seeds. The type of nut varies depending on the variety. If you are allergic to only one type of nut, it's best to check the ingredients again to see which variety might be right for you.

What is the best way to store nucao?

Our nucao bars start to melt at temperatures of around 30°C. To avoid a chocolate syrup mess (unless that's what you're into), the bars should not be stored in the sun for a long time and should be protected from light. If you prefer chocolate that is a little cooler and more firm to the bite, you can also store the bars in the fridge. Tip: If you want to avoid the whitish/greyish haze (so-called fat rime) that is often seen on chocolates of all kinds, it is generally recommended to store the bars in a cool, dark and dry place. If it does occur, don't panic, the fat streak only affects the appearance of the product, but the bar is okay to eat without hesitation.

What is your packaging made out of?

Our packaging consists of home-compostable cellulose film, and a thin layer of starch and paper. It is printed with water-based organic inks.

Where should I dispose of the packaging?

The best option for the disposal of our wrappers is the home compost, where it decomposes after an average of 6 months, depending on the environmental conditions. If you don't have compost, conventional methods such as the recycling or residual waste are the best options as no harmful substances are released when our packaging is burnt!

Who can I contact if my order has not arrived or has not arrived as expected?

You can contact us at any time at the following e-mail address: