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5000 stores in Europe. Over 40 employees. Over 1.5 million trees planted.

We can hardly believe our eyes when we see these numbers. In order for us to continue the journey and make a real difference in the fight against sugar, plastics and climate change, we need your support now more than ever.

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Put simply, we need more capital in order to grow. And we want absolutely everyone to become part of our mission - whether they’re a novice investor or a pro. After our successful crowdlending campaign in December, we’re now going one step further.

You will be able to become an investor in the nu company and shape the future of food with us. We’ve teamed up with the Neufund platform to make this all possible. So let's get started! We can’t wait for you to join us. Questions? Write us anytime.

at a glance

You will be able to invest in the nu company - a purpose-driven and fast-growing start-up.

+ invest with ease, starting from just 10€

+ easy processing via the innovative platform Neufund

+ receive legally-enforceable, digital equity

how it works

1. Pre-Campaign – we’re here now!

Our campaign page is now live! Be sure to check it out and sign up on Neufund so you're ready when the whitelist opens. Important: You need to sign up and verify your identity to join the whitelist (see next step).

2. Whitelist Phase – coming soon

Let’s take off! The whitelist is a kind of reservation list, which gives you the right to invest in the pre-sale phase with special discount. There are only 500 spots! On the whitelist you will be able to indicate without obligation how much you’d like to invest. You'll be notified as soon as the pre-sale starts and you can purchase digital equity.

3. Pre-Sale

As described above, all those who have registered on the whitelist can invest in this phase.

4. Public Sale – coming soon

On this day we open the floodgates! Anyone will be able to invest until our funding target is reached.

how to get started

1. Sign up on Neufund.

Go to and click on "Get started" in the upper right corner. After you sign up, you’ll be asked to verify your identity - this step should take 2-3 business days and is required to invest. Once you have been successfully verified, you can subscribe to the whitelist.

2. Subscribe to the Whitelist.

Here, you can indicate how much you’d like to invest in the pre-sale. Important: the whitelist is non-binding and is intended for information purposes only. There is no legally binding obligation to invest. You can change or delete your details at any time. Only those who have subscribed to the whitelist can participate in the pre-sale and benefit from the discount.

3. Click on "commit" and wait for the pre-sale to begin!

Once you have specified the size of your planned investment, click on "commit". You will then receive an email confirming your registration for the whitelist. You can remove yourself from the whitelist at any time by clicking on the red "delete" button. You can also change the amount you have entered by clicking on the green "change" button. Important: your indication on the whitelist is a non-binding offer.


Want to learn more about Neufund or having trouble signing up? Get in touch with Neufund’s Customer Care. Questions about the nu company? Write us at

Why should I invest in the nu company?

In short: to make the world a healthier and greener place with us and at the same time benefit from a rapidly growing start-up. We answer this question in detail on our campaign page, where all information about us is available. There you can read our pitch deck, our company figures and our strategy. Should you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at

What is crowd investing and why do you do it?

We have set ourselves the goal of maximising our positive impact. This means we want to offer healthy food to as many people as possible, avoid as much plastic as possible and plant more than one billion trees.

To go down this path, we need capital - for example to order cocoa, develop new products, finance marketing activities or expand sales.

We have now reached a point where we can no longer continue to grow under our own steam. At this point many start-ups bring investors on board. Often these are so-called VCs (venture capitalists), who have to sell their shares after three to ten years, as they aim to earn a multiple on the capital invested.

This is often accompanied by a sale of the company, in which the founders can often also be forced to sell their shares. This is exactly what we don’t want. We want to go a new way and open a part of our company to a community of purpose-driven (retail) investors. Therefore we want to enable everyone to invest in us and become part of the journey.

What is Neufund?

Neufund is a platform founded in 2016 that democratizes the fundraising process. What does that mean? Using blockchain technology, Neufund makes it easier for both large and small investors to invest in emerging startups. The process is unbureaucratic, simple and above all: safe. When you purchase digital equity via the platform, you also receive a legally-binding document that also guarantees your investment "offline".

Plus, there’s something special: When you invest in the nu company, you will additionally receive NEU tokens. NEU tokens are so-called ‘reward tokens’ that are issued without an investment. By holding NEU tokens, you become an economic co-owner of the platform and continuously benefit from successful offerings.

How does Neufund work?

Neufund is a platform that facilitates investments using blockchain technology. Neufund enables entrepreneurs to conduct regulated fundraising rounds in a simple manner. With the help of the Neufund platform, companies can create securities offerings as legally-binding smart contracts (i.e. equity tokens) on blockchain. The platform is operated by Fifth Force Liechtenstein GmbH.

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This material does not constitute an offer of securities. Any offer of securities will be subject to the obligation to publish an approved prospectus or an exemption to such obligation. Any investment should be considered risky and independently assessed on the basis of the information provided in the prospectus (if any).

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