Thomas: Superfoods rather than super salaries!

Like Mathias, I think that if I hadn’t been sick most of my youth, I would have never really dealt with nutrition. I would have thought that doctors would only be concerned with treating symptoms rather than addressing the root cause. This has left some cracks in my belief that doctors know everything.

Nutrition matters because it can be well observed and people can control it. People can precisely figure out what substances their body lacks, consume supplements, and tailor their nutrition accordingly. At least that’s what I thought. After further research, I concluded that supplement consumption by itself cannot address the problem, and a holistic approach is needed.

A concept that might sound obvious today, but at the time was revolutionary to me, was to find foods that are naturally rich in nutrients and combine them in my daily diet. The search for the ultimate superfoods began with algae, chia seeds and acai berries, and concluded with hemp seeds and raw cacao.

the nu company mini chocolate factory in 2016

Product development in our flat kitchen, 2019.

During my studies, I noticed that the field of superfoods and nutrition made more sense to me than the technical engineering topics. Mathias and I were finishing up our masters program in England when our idea to establish a food-startup crystallised. After we both presented our master’s thesis, I approached my professor and told him we have decided to focus on developing and producing healthy chocolate bars.

After I shared our plan with the professor, I couldn’t describe the look on his face, not to mention the sceptical questions at home from family members and friends.

“Don’t you think it would be better to start out with a well-paid engineer position after your long, hard, and exhausting studies?”. Fortunately, I already had the answers to these questions for myself.