Christian: From big enterprise to startup

In mid-2016, I completed an internship program at a German car manufacturer. I devoted myself to project management, working 35 hours a week on minimum wage.

It was one of these internships they always told me was “worth it just for the resume!”, so I agreed and took the job half-heartedly.

At my desk, although elated by the futuristic office and the abundant options available for lunch, reality struck back. I overheard an exchange between colleagues where one said, “I’ll simply CC the boss, and maybe something will happen in the next two weeks”. This perfectly summarises how bigcompanies usually operate: hierarchical, political, and painfully slow.

I couldn’t get it out of my head as I stared tiredly at the Excel spreadsheets, the question that weighed on me the most was: why am I doing this? What is the purpose?

Mathias and Thomas called me at that time, in the middle of my ‘mid-internship’ crisis, saying they had an idea they wanted to develop and needed more hands on deck. The idea involved hemp seeds, raw cacao and healthy nutrition.

If I could develop a product for people to promote healthy nutrition, it would mean so much more to me than helping some luxury car manufacturer with a facelift.

the nu company mini chocolate factory in 2016

first attempts at the nu company (mini) chocolate factory in 2016!

During that time, I realised the importance of having a sense of purpose in day to day life. This purpose could be anything from building the best cars to earning money and providing for your family – there’s a different path for everyone. Finding purpose within your work isn’t easy – but when you create something you're truly proud of, it makes it all worth it.