nupro 2 go bundle

food for a nu world.

Want to eat deliciously creamy, all natural vegan chocolate, protein bars, protein shakes and seed bars? While planting a billion trees in the process.
why the nu company?

Our answer to the food industry.

discover your new favourite snack!

chocolate bars.


protein bars.


protein shakes.


brain food.


Our snacks compared to traditional ones:

Less sugar

Just a pinch of coconut blossom sugar. That's it.

100% vegan & organic

Natural and ethically sourced ingredients.


Wrapped in home compostable cellulose film.

we make impact tasty.

Read about our mission

Our goal.

To set the bar for climate positive business models, and plant one billion trees by 2030.

Thanks to you, we've already achieved so much:


Trees planted.


Tonnes of plastic spared.


Tonnes of refined sugar avoided.