rethink food.

We make uncompromisingly good food..
For you and the environment.


the white choc

nucao white is here.
A delicately melting experience with 65% less sugar - and plant based. So delicious we’re not even allowed to call it chocolate.




nupro provides you with plant protein, fibre and minerals when your body asks for it after exercise. Pure plant based without additives and sweeteners.


snack without regrets.

nucao is the first candy bar that you can enjoy with a clear conscience. Enjoy a delicious chocolate experience with 65% less sugar.

we don't stop 

when you're full.

Our Mission

We believe consumption can also help improve the world.
Foods which provide you with the best possible nutrition and enable you to lead a healthy life on your terms.

Plastic free

Packaging has the potential to drastically impact our oceans. We fight for a plastic-free world and pack only in cardboard and plant-based home compostable materials.

1 Product = 1 Tree

We want every beep at the checkout to be a signal people are creating a better world. That's why we plant a tree with every product we sell. Each tree binds about 300kg of CO 2 from the atmosphere.

What we have achieved together so far

753.560 Trees

8.065 Working days

13.903t CO2 absorbed